Welcome to the Jedi Movement!

We are with the Force, and the Force is with us.


The Jedi Movement is more akin to family than to an organization. Our members enjoy spending time together on a daily basis.


We believe in using our accumulated knowledge and resources. Everyone is willing to help a fellow member in need, or find someone who can.


Just like bar-code lines: we are all different, yet equal. New member ideas are just as welcome as those of veteran members.


We are all children trapped in adult bodies!

We’re a group of Star Wars and pop-culture fans, looking to improve our skills and wider community through engaging with others, organizing different activities and large-scale projects.


We Inspire Humanity and Creativity in Others.

The Jedi Movement offers a wide array of activities, events and projects our members and the wider public can participate in. We are especially proud of our educational initiatives, through which we are able to pass knowledge onto others, so as to aid community development.
Empowering others and supporting them when necessary – these are things Earth today lacks. Through networking and establishing contacts with individuals, households and organizations: we build bridges on a daily basis.
Our humanitarian activities are targeted at helping different groups of disenfranchised individuals, including terminally-ill children, orphans, people with disabilities, etc. 

Humanitarian activities

We believe in giving back to the community. For this reason, we regularly organize events and projects with a humanitarian character. Check some of them out!

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Educational activities

We believe in continuous learning. Education is something we hold in high esteem. This is why we strive to organize educational trainings, workshops and events. 

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Fun activities

We believe fun is a crucial ingredient to life. Everything we do has fun elements, but there are a few things we do simply to have fun. Curious? Click the link below!

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Projects Are Not Developed Overnight

When writing a project, Jedi Movement members form a big think-tank: discussing every idea, choosing the best one, and then focusing on all the tiny details in order to polish it. That is why our projects are a reflection of us all.

Summer Camp Vlasina 2019

Summer Camp on Vlasina
Social inclusion of children without parental care

JediCon 2019

POP Culture convention
Rise of the Fandoms


Sewing masks for our doctors
during COVID-19 pandemic

They Mean the World to Us

 Running an organization like the Jedi Movement needs an occasional push from the outside.

No Limit Hub
No Limit Hub
No Limit Hub

We Are Proud

We are a living, breathing organization: that is never dormant. Our members are involved in many projects and activities, whether working on developing our own or taking part in those others developed.

Active members

Smiles put on faces

Activities & Projects

Cosplay group

As we are all fans of pop culture, Cosplay couldn’t get past us. Our first costumes were made in 2014. From then, our skills evolved, and more members started to get involved in Cosplay culture.


Our stories

Every Jedi Movement member has a great story of personal success. You can read some of the older ones, or catch on a new story – they’re updated periodically. The Jedi Movement is not very competitive community, but our members look for any opportunity to grow and improve.

Being surrounded by those who have faith in you is rare. I have wind beneath my wings even when I’m not with my Jedi. The projects we do bring new experiences, allowing me to constantly improve and build my skills up.

Nikola Krstić

Knight of the Jedi Movement

I’ve been in the Movement since I was 13. Here, I found out what teamwork really is. I’ve also learned how important it is to take care of the people in our community, which brings me joy and fulfillment.

Zora Stojanović

Padawan of the Jedi Movement

The Movement reflects the values I hold dear. It was easy for me to find my place and role, as is for anyone – no matter why you join. My kids also love participating in the projects, which makes me very happy as a parent.

Pavlina Mihajlenko

Master of the Jedi Movement


The Jedi

These are some of our key players. They keep things in motion, they are everywhere, they inspire, they know!


President of Jedi Movement

Founder of the Jedi Movement, promoter of peace, sport, meditation, yoga and healthy way of life


Marketing manager

Brain of humanitarian events of the Movement, creative mind behind kids workshops


Vice President of Jedi Movement

Man of order, he keeps us in check with work meetings, manages logistics, and is our tech guy


Jedi Movement’s Project Manager

Master of languages, manager of projects, she is essentially  the balance of the Jedi Movement


Director of JediCon Festival

Ninja of social networking, if there is a better way to put someting on social media, she invented it


Financing Manager

Our business girl that knows how it should be done, and stops at nothing to make us do it the right way


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