About the Jedi Movement

The Jedi Movement is a community of good-willed people, which promotes peace and tolerance, and is open to collaborating with anyone who recognizes they share our goals, regardless of their national, religious, sexual or any other identity.

At the beginning of November 2013, we established the Jedi Movement with a sole purpose: to make peace and prosperity sustainable in our community, with a focus on raising awareness and encouraging activism.

As we were organizing events and activities, a large number of people recognized their own values to be aligned with those of the Movement, deciding to join us.

Slowly growing, the Movement started being a second family of its members. A family of “children trapped in adult bodies”, so to speak. Our motivation, apart from embracing both childish enthusiasm and adult knowledge, is to introduce people to the ways of the Jedi, so everyone can grow out of the limitations of their own comfort zone. To achieve this, we work hard on creating events and activities designed to help others, engage with them and improving our local community.

In November 2016, we officially registered the Movement as a citizen association. We opted for using activities in the field of culture, sport, ecology, entrepreneurship and education to motivate people to get involved in governance and decision-making in our local community, aiming to raise awareness of the fact that ALL BIG CHANGES BEGIN WITH US.

Five years later, our Jedi-network spans the entire country of Serbia and wider.

We help, inspire and motivate each other, so that each of us is able to maintain their enthusiasm and devotion to improving our reality, inspiring the people they meet along the way.

This year, we will be hosting the third pop-culture convention JediCon 2019, the biggest festival of its sort in Southeast Serbia. Additionally, we organize numerous events and activities throughout the year: our repertoire includes anything and everything, from simple networking events to large-scaled projects meant for all generations.

We also actively participate in other festivals and conventions Serbia and the Balkan region has to offer. Thanks to our many friends and associates in other associations and civil society, we have someone to rely on when working on raising awareness about community activism and raising local prosperity.

Our Mission

The Jedi Movement is a community that promotes the culture of peace and tolerance, as well as positive development of inter human relations.

Our Vision

Life in a multicultural and open community, which is highly-aware od the importance of peace and tolerance – and where every individual is aware of their potential, constantly striving to overcome personal limitations, toward personal development and the advancement of the communal spirit.

How We Operate?

The three basic areas our activism is based on are:
* humanity via our humanitarian work,
* philanthropy promotion and
* working with mentors as a sustainable concept of an individual‘s personal development, through cooperating with companies, Non Government Organizations and institutions.

Our members

Dunja Veličković

Kristina Mitić

Zora Stojanović

Milan Maksimović

Pavlina Mihajlenko

Vladimir Simić

Miloš Antić

Nikola Krstić

Andrijana Stojanović

Petra Cvetanović