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JediCon 2018

When several dozen civil organisations, associations and distinguished individuals are all gathered in Oficirski dom – you become aware of the success of your mission. JediCon 2018 again placed special emphasis on humanitarian work. In cooperation with Find Raoul, Nurdor, association Valinor, association Taka and many other domestic and foreign guests, we have managed to…
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JediCon 2017

On the 9th of December 2017 in Oficirski dom Niš, the first convention under the official name JediCon was held. It lasted one day. Numerous exhibitors, participants, lecturers and associations contributed to the common goal. Our venue was sadly not large enough to take in everyone willing to pay us a visit. We donated 50%…
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Tolkien-day 2017

We were honored to be guests of Tolkien-day in Belgrade. The hosts of the festival, the Valinor association, had invited us to take a walk in our costume so as to further their program. We used this opportunity to bolster the friendship between the two brother organisations, the representatives of different fandoms, publishing and media…
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The Force Favours the Brave 2016

We organized the event called “The Force is with the brave” in Children’s cultural center on December 17th.  The event was organized with the aim to meet all the guests and fans. Apart from being fans of SW franchise, we truly believe that there were some real life Jedi among those who came to the…
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Pozitive Festival 2016

In June 2016, we were invited to complete the cultural content of the „PozitivNI“.festival. Our goal was to make every visitor to our booth learn about the activities of our movement by taking a leaflet, interacting with the members, and also take home a memento in the form of a photo. We had prepared two…
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The Force Awakens 2015

Star Wars fans eagerly wished 2015 would come sooner, due to the highly anticipated first movie of the new SW trilogy. We truly believed that the time has come that the FORCE in all of us, asleep at the wheel, will awaken.  The idea was to celebrate the movie at a gathering, spreading our Jedi…
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Brotherhood of the Stars*, Belgrade 2014

We had the honour of being invited to one of the most successful Star Wars events in Belgrade. Here, we were granted the chance to meet new people and share our story. Most importantly, our team members were inspired into joining the Cosplay scene and make their own costumes. With this initial step, Cosplay culture…
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A New Hope 2013

Inspired by the idea that child wonder is one of the common denominators of each and every human, the Jedi Movement organizes the event “A New Hope” in 2013, giving Niš its first ever pop culture event, with the franchise Star Wars at its core. The event was divided into four segments: 1) A walk…
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