Brotherhood of the Stars*, Belgrade 2014

Brotherhood of the Stars*, Belgrade 2014

We had the honour of being invited to one of the most successful Star Wars events in Belgrade. Here, we were granted the chance to meet new people and share our story. Most importantly, our team members were inspired into joining the Cosplay scene and make their own costumes. With this initial step, Cosplay culture joined the ranks of our members.

Today, we have nine costumes in the Movement, with the number rapidly growing! 😊

Dunja Veličković dressed as Jedi Mara Jade and Miloš Antić in his Obi-Wan Kenobi costume, showcased their outfits with joy in the cult “Mixer House”. They look back to this moment with great fondness.

We owe a great thanks to Marko Obradović, our friend who made such an event possible.

In the end, the Belgrade crew treated us to Yoda and C3PO stands, given to us as gifts in order to take our activities in Niš to a new level.

There is nothing greater than the SW family!

*wordplay “(B)Ratovi Zvezda”, rat-war; brat-brother

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