JediCon 2017

JediCon 2017

On the 9th of December 2017 in Oficirski dom Niš, the first convention under the official name JediCon was held. It lasted one day.

Numerous exhibitors, participants, lecturers and associations contributed to the common goal. Our venue was sadly not large enough to take in everyone willing to pay us a visit. We donated 50% of the revenue from tickets to charity.

Interesting panels on the topics of slavic mythology, Gaiman, Marvel and DC in both comics and movies, attracted the attention of nerds from the entire Nis galaxy and wider.

Young padawans had the chance to participate in the program, that encompassed lightsaber fights, cosplay, stories on the light and the dark side.

Those most deserving, whose contribution helped others, received the title of Jedi Knights. Dejan Stoiljković, Marina Adamović, Jelena Dimitrijević, Jovan Milić are proud recipients of this title.

Additionally, we had astounding Jedi Talks with guests from TedX, American Corner Niš and Nauk nije Bauk festival. The crowning jewel was a humanitarian fashion show, dedicated to Princess Leia, as well as a video lecture of Maja Volk on the importance of female archetypes, like Carrie Fisher.

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