Pozitive Festival 2016

Pozitive Festival 2016

In June 2016, we were invited to complete the cultural content of the „PozitivNI“.festival.

Our goal was to make every visitor to our booth learn about the activities of our movement by taking a leaflet, interacting with the members, and also take home a memento in the form of a photo.

We had prepared two photo booths. One of them was a face hole photo booth with Han Solo and Princess Leia. Everyone, young and old, but especially couples, stopped to take photos. The other one was a photo background, that had as its aim to put the people in the picture in the center of the galaxy and universe.

Movement members wore costumes and distributed flyers with announcements of the Movement’s activities. Over 500 flyers were distributed. More than 200 people signed the sheet of support to the Movement, something we treasure to this day.

We also promoted board game culture. Anyone who wanted could also use parts of our costumes, try them on, or get advice on making costumes.

Our first participation at the festival exceeded all expectations.

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