The Force Favours the Brave 2016

The Force Favours the Brave 2016

We organized the event called “The Force is with the brave” in Children’s cultural center on December 17th.  The event was organized with the aim to meet all the guests and fans. Apart from being fans of SW franchise, we truly believe that there were some real life Jedi among those who came to the event. We got to know each other better through an interactive lecture on what the Force is and whether it really exists. For the first time, we introduced the ceremony of declaring a Jedi Knight. A Jedi Knight is a person who transcends their own limitations, is socially responsible, and whose actions speak for themselves. This person leaves a trace in time and in people, helps others and makes the world a better place through their work, activism and achievements.

That is why 2016 was special, because we started a tradition of declaring new Jedi Knights at our conventions every year. 

Jedi Knights of 2016 were:
– Đorđe Mihajlović – choreographer who achieves fantastic results working with children,
– Angikar Saša Đorđević – entrepreneur who swam over the English Channel three times, and
– Jovana Stojković – philanthropist and hiking champion. 

Fencing school „Mushin“ and “USB” acrobatic group evoked a Jedi/Sith clash with lightsabers.  Everyone could enjoy board game tournaments of the local board game club Goblin. They could also meet tattoo artists and participate in a large SW quiz with great SW prizes.

Five types of workshops were organized for the children, with the help of the following organizations: “Dedina garaža”, „Naslikam ti telo i facu“ and „Avanturistička mreža“. Our fellow jedi Natalija Gligorijević organized a special Jedi training for the young padawans.
The guests of honor were children with special needs and with hearing disabilities. For them, as well as for all visitors, the hosts of the event were the Movement members wearing the costumes of Obi-Wan Kenobi, Princess Leia, Jedi Master Luminara, Rey, Kylo Ren, Storm Trooper, Mara Jade and Chancellor Palpatine/Darth Sidious.

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