Fundraising Activities – Vlasina 2019

Positive Festival (Festival PozitivNi) May 31st – June 2nd 2019

During the Positive festival (May 31st – June 2nd), all members of Jedi movement were present, wearing costumes. We collected donations, took photos with visitors, and had an exhibition of figurines as well as a quiz and workshops for children.

Protectors of the Fortress Festival (Zaštitnici Tvrđave)- June 14th -16th 2019

When Jedi knights and Knights of the glorious past find themselves gathered together, there can be nothing but chivalry. Jedi movement had their booth right next to the camping tents. Apart from the visitors, the organizers of the festival (Association Dragon’s Mane) also donated certain funds for our humane mission.

Maze Rage Race in Jelasnica – June 15th 2019

This time we Jedi divided ourselves in two groups – the first, who showed how strong the Force was inside us as we took part in the race, and the second, who gave their contribution by collecting donations at the booth. The organizers of this race supported our activities and announced our presence multiple times, so we use this opportunity to thank them.

Apart from these events, we also had our booth at the celebration of 30 years’ anniversary of the Dancing club Swing at the National Theatre (June 20th), at the concert of the violinist Nemanja Radulović (June 25th), Russian Night (June 26th) and Nisomnia Festival (June 30th). During these evenings, certain funds were also collected.

Month of Charity tournaments – July 2019

In order to call young people to action, we organized four tournaments during July. We planned a Basketball tournament for kids and adults, Football tournament for men of all ages, Badminton tournament for mothers with children, and Dodge-ball for kids. Unfortunately, we encountered technical difficulties and failed to conduct tournaments. From this failure, we learned how to better organize our activities in the future.

Nišville – August 5th 2019

Nišville is the ultimate Jazz festival in the region, so we couldn’t miss it. We were there all three days, talking to people, making friends, raising funds for our project. It was obvious that the Force favors the Jazz fans, who were extra generous, and eager to help us. We had fun, listened to good music, and collected a nice amount of money for our summer camp.

PES tournament – August 16th 2019

After music festivals we aspired to bring the gamers in. We organized a PES (Pro Evolution Soccer) tournament in Labeerint pub. In the evening of fun and laughter gamers tried their best to beat each other, and reach the Finals. The epic final game took place, and after decisive attacks and counter-attacks we had our Champion. During the tournament we talked with our contestants about our cause, and received a nice amount for it.

POP Culture Pub Quiz – August 18th 2019

Next logical step would be to involve all the POP culture fans in an epic quiz. We organized the quiz in Labeerint pub, and welcomed people of all ages to put their little gray cells to work. Our Quiz-master tested their knowledge in unnecessary knowledge, and several teams surprised him. Again, we raised some funds for the cause, and had fun while listening to soudtracks from movies, TV shows and favorite games.

Coffee day – August 18th 2019

Several cafe’s and coffee shops agreed to donate money made on coffee that day to our noble cause. This way, we boosted the project budget while having fun in costumes, talking with coffee drinking people, and decorating the coffee shops and cafe’s. We would like to thank Liv, Biro Kafeterija i Pržionica kafe Niš, Tesla Cafe, Café Lagano and Cafe Moment for their good will and donations.

POP Culture Pub Quiz in Leskovac – August 23rd 2019

After a successful quiz in our city, we got a call from our friends in Leskovac, saying they want a piece of that fun. We packed our stuff, and went there. Murphy’s pub took us in, and let the magic flow. Many people took participation and tried their best to beet our quiz-master. As always, we had great time running a quiz and raising funds, and we felt very honored after invitation to come again some time soon.

Netting the Basketball courts – August 24th 2019

Thanks to Željko Ćumura we got metal nets for basketball hoops. We organized a basketball tournament to celebrate this occasion, and to raise funds for the summer camp. Unfortunately, high temperatures and low response were against us, so the tournament failed to happen. Although, we put four metal nets on the hoops, talked to people on the courts about our cause, and played a few friendly games with them.

Philanthropic finale – August 31st 2019

As the time for our Summer camp came close, we decided to put up a philanthropic finale. We got us a place in the middle of the pedestrian zone, installed a sound system for live music and with help from our friend Vesna Leibowitz organized an auction for one of her paintings. Vesna donated money from the auction to our cause, and some of the pedestrians helped as well. Next stop: VLASINA SUMMER CAMP 2019