JediCon 2018

JediCon 2018

When several dozen civil organisations, associations and distinguished individuals are all gathered in Oficirski dom – you become aware of the success of your mission.

JediCon 2018 again placed special emphasis on humanitarian work. In cooperation with Find Raoul, Nurdor, association Valinor, association Taka and many other domestic and foreign guests, we have managed to raise JediCon to a new level.

Amazing performances of children literature authors Uroš Petrović and Stefan Tićmi astounded our youngest visitors. For adults, a point of inspiration was our Cosplay competition, a great number of panels related to different pop culture topics and the inevitable gaming tournaments. Those looking for true motivation had a chance to be a part of JediTalks, where current themes were discussed – such as children and parents in a digital universe and the influence video games have on young people.

Our gaming tournaments in PES and LOL, as well as the Cosplay competition, were our most sought after and visited events. A multitude of teams and individuals competed for valuable prizes, with the best ones taking the cake.

Apart from our Main Stage and Panel Room activities, visitors had the chance to browse the Marketplace, where they were given the opportunity to buy trinkets or get more information on everything pop-culture. They also had the chance to take photos with domestic and foreign Cosplayers, try out Beatsabers and VR technology, as well as to participate in our pannel discussions.

Children, parents and digital galaxy

Anita Pratljačić – internet entrepreneur, Milica Crkvenjakov – leads the association “parents of gamers”, Pavlina Mihajlenko – panel moderator, Andrijana Stojanović – panel moderator, Svetlana Medar – teacher, Uroš Petrović – writer for children.

One of the activities of the Jedi Movement is perceiving urgent problems in society and finding creative ways to overcome them. JediCon was a great opportunity to learn through discussions with experts and for finding out the way to adjust to the time we live in and to the current value system. We noticed that the new digital age is still a enigma for most of the people in the community, especially on the parents – children relationship.

Guided by intuition and desire to better understand their children Jedi mamas, Andrijana Stojanović and Pavlina Mihajlenko decided to invite experts to find out the formula formula for the managing in digital galaxy. Guest on the panel was Anita Pratljačić, a mother of twins and a digital expert, one of the first bloggers in this region, for herself says that she is “non-stop on the net, with her feet on the ground,” then Milica Crkvenjakov, a video game designer and founder of the Gaming Parent Community, which aims to induce parents to participate more actively in the „gaming life“ of their children.

We also received valuable advices from Svetlana Medar, Serbian Language and Literature Teacher, Coach for Forum Theater, and Uroš Petrović, a writer whose books for children and young people are moving the boundaries in contemporary literature.

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