The Force Awakens 2015

The Force Awakens 2015

Star Wars fans eagerly wished 2015 would come sooner, due to the highly anticipated first movie of the new SW trilogy. We truly believed that the time has come that the FORCE in all of us, asleep at the wheel, will awaken.

 The idea was to celebrate the movie at a gathering, spreading our Jedi mission and organizing children workshops and humanitarian costume parties.

Both events had the main purpose of raising funds for the “A Heart for Miloš’s Smile” campaign. Miloš needed a hearth transplantation. Our humble contribution was 28.500,00 RSD (which was a bit over 230 EUR/$220). Soon, Miloš got his new heart and his smile keeps inspiring us.

We organized a party that saw more than 150 Star Wars fans and Movement members gathered. In the funky atmosphere of club “Feedback” we exchanged ideas. We meet with anyone and everyone interested in what our Movement is all about, which allowed us to fully grasp that people are becoming increasingly interested in joining our team.

After the party, we marched right into the cinema –  to the STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS pre-premiere.

The following day, we put together a costume party for kids and kids-at-heart, which involved the participation of the “Art School of Niš”. Their pupils held drawing workshops, while the dance association CONTINUUM organized a Hip-Hop dance workshop for kids. Around 20 children and their parents enjoyed pleasant conversations while eating Star Wars cookies, listening to the movies’ soundtrack and the unbeatable sound of children’s joy.

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