Zaštitilice – masks – uniting

Zaštitilice – masks – uniting

At a time when we are separated by a big barrier – uniting around one action sounded like a big challenge.  It turns out that concern about a pandemic has awakened the feeling of humanity we often don’t recognize under normal circumstances. This action is based on a plain piece of fabric.

The Cotton Masks Sewing Initiative was created out of recognizing the lack of protection for healthcare workers, the military – people in the front lines (with mention of civilians as well).

The Jedi Movement and Nevena Kragic launched the Zaštitilice campaign (FaceProtectors) and, with clearly defined logistics and volunteers, consultations with healthcare professionals, lawyers, with the help of golden hands of seamstresses, and the goodwill of donors, visionaries, fighters, positive people … managed to show good results in no time. It is also important to note that these masks do NOT protect against viruses, but they are a good first aid in the form of a microfiber canvas holster that gives more actual protection.

At this point, after numerous challenges we have overcome, in just 10 days since the beginning:

• We have designed a fundraiser on the platform
• We received a large donation of 500m of material from the Italian-Bulgarian company “E. Morilio” & Dika (Pirot) which is another 6000 to 8000 masks (the masks come in two sizes)
• We have found another benefactor – a friend who can tailor up to 4000 masks a day – before that, with our limited capacity, we couldn’t even dream of that amount
• 3D printed for us 5 sewing machine add-ons – for making straps
• Due to the current situation, all the production lines that could possibly be involved in sewing masks are on leave and it all comes down to the extraordinary help of home makers – we had started with one low capacity workshop, in the meantime, we have been contacted by over 40 sewers who are eager to help
• We have signed a donation contract with the Clinical Center Nis, which is currently claiming the largest number of masks

We aim to donate 15,000 masks by the end of the action, that is, until the resources are depleted, so from next week our episodes will be filled with mask delivery footages.

We are in contact with the following institutions: Clinical Center, Nurdor, NORBS, Home Care, Independent Police Union, Kosovo Aid … all first defence lines against the coronavirus …

For all of you who ask us for a mask or two, we ask for a little patience, understanding … because we also dream about a van from which we would throw a mask to anyone we come across or deliver in person at every address.

Jedi Movement wholeheartedly sends THANK YOU to everyone who supports this action via, by donating materials (cotton fabric), through heavy lifting, through logistics, their time, machines, meals, through every “how can I help”, everyone sharing our posts because it helps us reach out to those who need our help most!

Thanks in advance!

You can follow and support our action at:
and contact for any questions on how to participate in the action!

The footage in this video was made by our own cell phones, but we send a huge THANK YOU to for the support and editing that brought the real emotion we have been hugging every day!

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