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Jedi Movement Logo Contest

[Contest ended – Jedi Council has chosen the winner]

The Force must be strong with you; you are in the right place.

Jedi Movement is looking for a unique symbol of hope that shall decorate our website, posters and other materials forever. Let the Force within you bring forth an epic logo, whose strength will align the planets!

You can design our new logo. The design should be serious, monochromatic (possibly in 2 colours), and minimalistic.

There should be two versions, the English one with words Jedi Movement and the Serbian one – with Džedajski Pokret.

We would like our new logo to resemble the logo of Jedi Order.
It is necessary to know that there are four guidelines that must be respected within legal usage of the Jedi Order sign:

  • The purpose and character of a use: Has a work been “transformed” into something new by adding expression, meaning, insight or understanding? Parodies, satires, criticisms, critiques and commentaries of copyrighted works are usually considered transformative, as are uses for scholarship, research and education.
  • The nature of the copyrighted work: Fact or fiction? Works of fiction are generally given more protection than works of non-fiction, since facts alone cannot be copyrighted.
  • The amount and substantiality of the portion taken: How much of the work are you taking? Generally the less you copy, the more likely it will be considered a fair use. However, even a minimal use can be considered infringement if what you’ve copied is at the heart of the work.
  • The effect of the use upon the potential market: Does your use of the copyrighted material deprive its owner of income? If your copying has a negative economic effect on the market—or even a potential market—for the original, then fair use is less likely to apply.

Now that we have that covered, it must be said that everyone is eligible to enter this competition. The works should be sent to info@jedimovement.com in vector format (preferably .AI) in black and white and in color, with short explanation and technical description of the solution.

Each participant can send more than one idea. Each solution will be placed on the website of the competition, with author’s name. The deadline is July 31st 2019. The works arriving after this date will not be considered.

The decision on the winning solution will be made by the members of the Jedi Movement board on August 1st, 2019. The board preserves the right to choose no solution, due to lack of creativity or non-compliance with the criteria.

The prizes for the competition winner are provided by Wibbly Wobbly (T-shirt and shorts with print of choice) and Nerd Alert (bracelet, necklace or pendant of choice); apart from these prizes, the winner becomes a life-long Jedicon guest of honour, with free entrance for every Jedicon.

May the Force be with you!

Logo solutions that came through

Second round with alterations

And the winner is…

The Jedi Council is proud to accept the logo solution of Miroslav Kerkez. May the FORCE be with him!