Milan Maksimović


Milan Maksimović graduated from the department of economy, customs management, and multimedia and (print) design. His focus is on constantly learning some new skills, focusing on IT. He is junior Java developer and web designer with 10+ years of experience. Beside that, Milan is considered big sci-fi fan. In 2016 he founded of our local “Goblin” board game club.

His previous big project was “SF-Serbia” portal and organization, where he was founder and Editor in Chief. SF-Serbia was most recognizable Sci-Fi portal in Balkans, with over 20 active associates and over 50 correspondents. SF-Serbia published 4 annual fanzine almanacs called “Raketla” (slang for a Rocket). Members of SF-Serbia helped organize a three-day convention “SFTerraKon”. Project SF-Serbia lasted for 10 years.

In 2014, Milan joined the Jedi Movement, interested to help others and spread the good will on local community. He is looking to improve himself through socially-responsible activities, and working with children.

Milan is currently working as System Administrator in City Municipality Crveni Krst.

Milan’s Cosplay

During his work on SF-Serbia, Milan got interested in Cosplay. First contact was through pictures of costumed people on San Diego Comic Con.After joining the Jedi Movement he decides to work on his Chancellor Palpatine/Darth Sidious costume and performance. His first appearance was on the Jedi Movement’s “The force favours the Brave” event in 2016. “Tolkien-day” 2017 was the first time he took part in Cosplay. He was an audience favourite,but his costume did not win an award.

He is currently working on his William (Bill) Adama costume, to pay respect to his favorite character in Battlestar Galactica (his favorite TV Show).