Miloš Antić


Miloš is founder of the Jedi Movement, graduated from the department of tourism and hospitality. He is an entrepreneur, the founder of start-up Wibbly Wobby and the co-founder of the Nerd Alert online platform.

As a cosmopolitan, he respects cultures from each corner of the world and considers himself a citizen of Earth.

He views himself as a real-life Jedi, guided with the thought that life is a fantastic opportunity to serve the planet and all living creatures as long as we breathe.

He enjoys half-marathons and hill-races, and is one of the founders of the Niš winter marathon, the Vlasina triathlon and the 6h- , 12h- and 24h races on Kalemegdan. As someone who enjoys encouraging people to transform their bad habits into qualities, he tries to promote sport activities.

He has been practicing meditation for the past 6 years and has recently started teaching courses.

For him, peace is a state of mind and the starting point of everything we do. The Jedi Movement, which he started in 2013, promotes the culture of peace. He thinks of the Movement as a second family.

Miloš’s Cosplay

He came into the world of Cosplay completely spontaneously, inspired by the Star Wars franchise. During the SW convention in Belgrade, he ordered his first costume – Obi-Wan Kenobi. Led by euphoria that followed, he made the highly-believable Kylo Ren replica just in time for the SW convention in Niš. Due to  his numerous engagements, he sadly does not have enough time to make his own costumes. He deeply respects those who are talented costume-makers, and hopes to one day organize a workshop that will teach just that. His next costume of an original Jedi is in the works.